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If you are looking for a person to assist you with one of the most important decisions you will make in your life….buying or selling a home, then you need look no further than Jan Atkinson. Buying and selling a home can be both exhilarating and enjoyable but it can also be wrought with frustration, aggravation and let’s not forget the pain of all the paperwork with all that small print. I can promise you that if you make the smart decision to partner up with Jan Atkinson, you will enjoy far more of the exhilaration and far less of the associated time wasting trivia that many realtors may walk you through. My experience with Jan was one that had all the potential for disaster due to several personal circumstances that Jan clearly understood and mentored me through as we looked for a house that would meet all my many needs. Jan took the time to first talk with to clearly understand my personal needs; my financial limitations and the challenges we would encounter since I was not a resident of the Dallas area. I honestly believe Jan had a far better idea of what I needed than I did and more importantly she did not play the shell game of showing me homes I did not need or could not afford. Instead she did her research so thoroughly that the very limited time I had to look at homes was maximized which allowed us to look at more homes in my price range that meet all my needs in the shortest amount of time possible. When it came time for the painful paperwork required to make an offer or actually buy the house, Jan made it all very easy. Every document was well prepared and explained to me in detail and once tendered to the seller, she provided a level of overwatch that insured I was kept informed of every step and every outcome of the home buying experience. As I stated earlier, I had several personal situations in play in my home buying experience and as fate would have it I found myself in need of selling the home a little over a year after buying it. Jan handled that as well. She took care of all the issues prior to putting the house on the market and when she was confident it was ready to sell, it went on the market at noon on a Friday and by 5:00PM that same day we had 4 offers. By noon the next day there were a total of 5 firm offers and based upon Jan’s experience and knowledge of the process, she assisted in selecting the best offer that was most sure to close. That offer was for $6000.00 above asking price and we closed exactly on time. ALL thanks to Jan Atkinson and her prowess as a true Real Estate professional and her sheer determination to do the very best she possible can for each and every client she has. Jan Atkinson is the consummate professional whose personal integrity and commitment to taking care of her clients is without peer. I promise you can count on her from the moment you become her client until the moment you sign on the dotted line when finalizing the purchase or sale of your house.

Lawrence Wellisch, LTX, US Army (Ret) – San Antonio

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